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Harry Potter Porn Story: spell book 36

Harry Potter Porn Story: spell book 36

As the month of June rolled around, things at Hogwarts had started to become extremely hectic. Harry and the rest of the Triwizard Champions were hard at work practicing for the final task, exams were fast approaching and the negative attention Hogwarts was now receiving for the amount of teenage pregnancies occurring during the school year was causing trouble all around. Dumbledore, Snape, and even Hagrid were all under investigation from the Ministry of Magic under suspicion of having sexual relations with underage witches. Little did the Ministry investigators know however, that it was Hermione who was involved in all three cases. It was the Weasley twins that had the most hectic schedule for the final few weeks of the school year however. Although the twins had been hard at work on their fantastic calendar of Hogwarts sexiest school girls, they still had eight more months of pictures to take before its completion. Padma and Parvarti’s pictures had been taken for the month of January while February and March had been filled with two seventh year girls from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff House. Knowing that time was quickly running out to complete the valuable calendar, Fred and George knew they had to kick it into high gear. On Sunday morning, they sent letters to five separate girls to meet them in the out-of-the-way classroom they had taken their first pictures in. One at a time, they would meet each girl, take a few photos of them undressing, fuck them silly and finish each session off with a sticky photo finish. It wasn’t hard to get the girls they had selected to meet them in the room. They simply had to offer the girls a nice sum of gold for the meeting and then bribe them with a little more to take part in their photo session once they arrived.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: h.p

Harry Potter Porn Story: h.p

Harry was sitting in the common room reading the half-blood princes book as he often did on a Friday afternoon. He had found a spell that caught his attention in the margin of a love potion page. It was a spell for the same affect, he read the scribble
”potion takes long to make and tricky to administer, spell should have stronger affect, easy application but memory loss of time under affect”
Harry had grown very horny around all these beautiful young ladies day in day out had wanted, needed to just fuck one, maybe two. He thought this could be perfect..but as he read on the prince noted the spell as failure with the side affects being both wizard and victim having green lines around their necks that glowed when in proximity.
Dissapointed he closed the book and glanced around the room. He saw Ginny and Dean over in one corner snogging with their backs to the rest of the room and ginny was moving her arm up and down slowly while dean mapped her young womans body(mainly her boobs) with his hands. Hermione was a few desks from harry pretending to read an Acient Runes book, but really she was glaring at Harrys copy of advanced potions and hating the halflood prince. She raised her book enough to hide her face and wand hand, then harry felt he familiar pressure of intrution of someone trying to read his mind. He hated his Oclomency lessons with Snape, but he had learned some tricks. So he projected a all consuming thought back at his intruder knowing already it to be his brunette bookworm friend. With her concentration broken he reeled her into his fantasy……
………Harry and Ginny sitting by the fireplace at the burrow alone talking about how good Ron and Hermione would look as a couple dressed for bed. He was just in a lite buttoned shirt and a loose pair of pants over his trainers, she was in a lite gown that Mrs. Weasly probably only just considered acceptable. They were pondering how long her brother and Granger could hide romance before Mrs weasley would intrrveine when their hands touching reaching for the last one of mrs. Weasleys homemade cookies. They both drew back, but harry pulled up enough courage to slide back over and drape his arm on her shoulders. His eyes ran up stream from her long smooth legs, across her tight young private area, along her strong yet sexy flat stomach, pausing on her blossoming breasts, hard and aroused before sedaling on her angelic face. He stared into her hazel eyes a good minute to be sure his thoughts were welcome before he slid his other hand up and cupped her right breast as they sank to the earthen rug and shared their first kiss…
….Harry’s passionate thoughts overwellmed Hermione to the point where she was having a hard time ignoring her own hot wet body. She could feel harry’s arousal as if her own, her breasts damanded attention as did her pussy. But the strong willed Gryfandor kept her disapline…
….the kiss went on forever with their tongues dancing the tango their hands tore at each others garments, she quickly had his shirt of and was running her hands across his strong thick chest. He had his hands up inside her gown and was toying with her left nipple while lightly groping her right breast. She rolled them both over with her now on top and he removed her gown, and watched her body move as she lifed up her arms causing her breasts to rise up. He admired her well toned abs and sides accenting her beautiful humble breasts as the shadows from the fireplace danced across her skin…
…it was too much for her now! She needed to get out of site and satisfy her bodys cravings, harrys images and feelings were just too much…
….ginnny glanced down at the giant bulge ramming into her tight threw the clothe, ficsating her attention to it. Weith harrys help she got his trousers off and took a second to take in the buety off his nude male form.
His body was the perfect combination of hammered stenght, lean fitness and hansome looks. Looking at his chest and arms she knew he could protect her and her family. Looking at his legs and ass she knew they could walk anywhere together and that they could always bring him back to her. And she knew that she got a gift in life that this beautiful face would be hers to look at every morning for all her life.
She leaned forward to kiss him as they both removed her soft cotton trainers and placed a hand on each others gift for the other….
….Overcome by thew passionate imagry she gave into her bodies demands. Plunging her hand deep into her skirt ad lowers she borrowed her middle digit with her wet moist folds and tended to her garden while her other had dug within her robes to her bossum and vigourously handeld it…
….as harry kissed her kneck he glanced down her body to the prize waiting for him, a well groomed moist hot cavern between her sexy legs, a welcome mat was the only hair there, he was growing impatient!
She took a second to covet time looking down to see it again, the boilocal wand poking her thigh, how she thirst to have it deep within her channeling his affection into her, satisfying her every want and need…
…now the whole common room was mesmarized by the Prefect locked in ectacy, atisfing her self in a leather chair in the middle of the room moaning and gasping as she twitched in delight.
Ginny was the first to try and help her friend regain her modesty, but to no avail..this was going to happen and all the gryfandors were going to see….
….ginny sat up and tossed her hair giggling,she was really going to enjoy the next part she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the chosen ones chosen one as she placed her other hand affectionately on her lovers chest “time for the big show, Mr Potter” and plunged herself onto him…………..
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Harry Potter Porn Story: harry potter and the spellbook of desires 6-9

Harry Potter Porn Story: harry potter and the spellbook of desires 6-9

Harry Potter and the Spell book of Desires
Chapter Six – The Common Room

Draco Malfoy had the Spell book of Desires; a book he knew would be put to good use at both meeting his needs and getting back at his mortal enemy, Harry Potter and his friends. As he flipped through the thick leather-bound book, he realized the power it could have over the students of Hogwarts. Not only would he have the ability to get any pussy he wanted, he would be able to use it against anyone who crossed him, student or teacher. Malfoy however, now knew what had happened to his mother and was furious. Ron Weasley had used one of the spells from the book to influence his mother to have sex with him in the restroom during the Quidditch World Cup. The odd disappearance of his mother and her flustered return from the bathroom after Weasley came out sweating was a clear indicator of the book’s involvement. It was on the basis of this encounter that Malfoy had decided to get back at Ron Weasley and his entire family. Embarrassment seemed to be the best method to achieve that goal; so as Malfoy and the rest of the students of Hogwarts settled into Hogwarts for the school year, he was already planning his course of action. Malfoy read the book for the entire night after the sorting of houses; he was intent on finding the best possible spell or potion to make sure everyone at Hogwarts could see who the Weasley’s really were. Since Ron had fucked his mother, Malfoy had decided that the best way to get back at Ron was to have Ron’s best friend Harry and a couple of his other friends fuck his little sister Ginny in front of him and the rest of Gryffindor House. Malfoy wouldn’t take part directly, but he would find a way to have a front row seat to the show. After hours of reading and planning, Malfoy finally decided on the best spell, time and location. Malfoy knew the best location for maximum exposure would be the Great Hall, but since the teachers and other students would be there, and would likely intervene before Ginny and the rest of the Weasley family learned their lesson, he knew he had to find a better location. The second best location would be the Gryffindor House common room and the best time would be in the morning, just as everybody was coming down for breakfast. He’d have to break into the Gryffindor common room in the early hours of the morning and cast the appropriate spells on the various parties while they slept. The plan was complex and two-fold; he’d need to use a spell and a potion for the plan to work. Malfoy would also need to enlist the help from a fellow Slytherin House member, for the plan to go off without a hitch. He’d use the spell on Ginny Weasley and the potions on Harry Potter, and a couple of other Gryffindor boys. The spell description read:
A dangerous and potentially damaging spell, which turns the intended target into an insatiable slut, bent on having as much sex as possible. This spell works only on the female sex, and leaves the intended target immobile until the spell takes total effect. Warning! This spell has no time limit and no counter-spell. The only way for the spell to be lifted is for the intended target to be completely satisfied. Satisfaction for the target is not achieved easily and their memory of the encounters under the spell will remain forever. The spell work was simple; a few wand movements and the word ‘Hornilificus’ and Ginny Weasley would become immobile for several minutes before the spell kicked in and her need for sex would overpower her. The second part of the plan involved another fairly simple potion; a potion which would have the effect of creating a powerful attraction to the target of their choice. The potion description read: Have you ever desired what you knew you could never have; a stranger, a secret crush or even a close friend. Does their icy cold attitude make it impossible to break that shell-like exterior? If you ever wanted someone to submit to your every desire with no ill consequences, then this potion will satisfy your every need! This potion will release your intended target’s every sexual inhibition until they become your total sexual slave! Warning, the intended target will only be sexually uninhibited for the intended benefactor, No one else! The potion was simple, requiring only hot water, hair from Ginny’s head and a simple spell that would turn the potion into a powerful aphrodisiac that would last a total of one hour. Malfoy would use the help of Pansy Parkinson to pull of his plan. After Pansy cast the ‘Hornilificus’ spell on Ginny and carried her downstairs, Malfoy would take a few hairs from her head and make the necessary potion. He would then go upstairs into Potter’s dorm, and give him and two others some of the potion while they were still sleeping. The potion’s effects would be immediate; forcing the three boys to seek out Ginny Weasley and fuck her brains out. The plan was complex, but with the help of Pansy, the plan could go off without a hitch. Luckily, Malfoy’s father had given him an invisibility cloak for his last birthday, and it would be perfect for the task at hand. Malfoy would sneak up to the Gryffindor common room and wait at the entrance until he heard the password. He’d then make his way up to the common room after midnight with Pansy and enter using the invisibility cloak and the stolen password. Malfoy relayed the complex plan to Pansy, who would do anything for Malfoy, and after Malfoy stole the password the next day and memorized the essential spells and potions, they made their way up to Gryffindor House under the invisibility cloak at five in the morning. Draco had left the Spell book of Desires locked in his chest, not wanting anyone else to get a hold of his prized possession. When they reached the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, Malfoy whispered the password from under the cloak to the Fat Lady, who, tired and unconcerned, let them in without thinking. Malfoy and Pansy made sure the Gryffindor common room was empty before pulling off the cloak and getting to business. Malfoy found a small cauldron and stirred hot water into it, while Pansy cast the spell on Ginny and brought her downstairs. Malfoy quickly cut three hairs from Ginny’s unconscious head before placing them in the cauldron and casting the spell on the contents. Malfoy then poured most of the contents into a large cup before making his way to the boy’s staircase and opening the fourth year bedroom quietly. Malfoy tiptoed into the room; moving over to Harry and tipping a mouthful of the potion into his mouth. Harry woke up immediately, making Malfoy jump in shock. Harry stared at Malfoy for a second, before pulling off his sheets and running out the door towards Ginny. Malfoy then moved over to Seamus Finnigan and poured some of the potion into his mouth as well before doing the same with Dean Thomas, who both woke up immediately and followed Harry out the room. Malfoy, overjoyed at the success of the plan so far, ran out after the three boys, hoping to catch the entire act as it happened. Malfoy had brought along a small camera, perfect for making a nice moving photo album of the orgy that was about to happen. Malfoy met up with Pansy after making it downstairs, and was astonished at how quick the three boys had rushed to Ginny to start and undress her. They had her on the Gryffindor homework table, with all three of them climbing on top of the table with her and tearing off her clothes. They were so fast in fact, that Ginny hadn’t even awoken from the spell. As Harry ripped off her pajama top and Dean and Seamus pulled off her bottoms, Ginny finally began to wake. Nobody seemed to even notice Pansy and Draco, as Ginny opened her eyes to see Harry ripping off her bra and two other boys pulling off her tight pink panties to reveal small firm breasts and a completely bald thirteen year old pussy. Ginny’s eyes opened wide, not in shock, but in excitement as Harry began kissing her. Malfoy’s cock hardened at how hot Ginny was. He had never even thought of fucking Ginny himself, but knew now that she would make a perfect target for him at a later date. In the meantime, he and Pansy watched Ginny being ravaged by the three Gryffindor boys. Harry continued to kiss Ginny while he used his hands to massage her tiny tits. Seamus and Dean meanwhile, were both jamming their fingers into Ginny’s tight pussy. ‘Mmmm’ Ginny moaned, feeling the several pairs of hands molesting her teenage body as Harry continued to kiss her. Taking this as a sign, Harry pulled off his own pajamas, throwing them to the side before straddling Ginny’s face and moving his already hard cock towards her mouth. Ginny gave him a quick wink before Harry guided his five inch cock into her warm slick mouth. Harry took no time at all before he was slamming his entire five inches into Ginny’s open mouth.
As Harry started fucking Ginny’s pretty face, Dean Thomas had shifted over to the side of Ginny, undressing himself and letting her take hold of his five inch cock and stroking it softly with her small cold fingers. Dean groaned in pleasure as he felt Ginny’s fingers stroke back and forth over his cock. Seamus meanwhile, had continued to use both his fingers and his tongue to further excite the young horny Ginny. After a few minutes of furious finger and tongue fucking, Ginny finally came from all the stimulation, squirting a small amount of her sweet tasting juices onto Seamus’s waiting tongue. Inspired by Ginny’s sudden orgasm; Harry, Seamus and Dean all decided to change things up a little. Seamus got under Ginny and made her sit on his waist while Harry and Dean moved knelt beside Ginny’s face with their cocks positioned on either side of her face. Ginny looked down into Seamus’s eyes before she felt him lift up her waist with his hands and impale her on his stiff cock. Ginny cringed in pain, as she felt Seamus’s shaft penetrate her deeply. She moaned as Seamus continued to pull her waist down onto his cock. Just as she finally got accustomed to having his entire cock in her; Harry and Dean had both leaned forward, forcing Ginny to take hold of both of their cocks and begin stroking and sucking them.
By this point Malfoy was snapping several pictures of Ginny getting tripled teamed. Every time his camera flashed, he could’ve swore he saw Ginny look back at him and wink, almost as if she was enjoying being caught on film. Both Ginny’s sluttyness and her amazing body were really turning on Malfoy by this point, making his cock grow several inches. Pansy had been watching the scene unfold for several minutes, lightly brushing her own pussy through her dress as Malfoy continued to take pictures. All of a sudden, Pansy felt Malfoy’s hardening cock brush up against her firm ass. She moaned at its warmth, as she reached back and starting fondling Malfoy’s cock and balls with one of her hands. Not wanting to impede Malfoy’s view or distract him while he continued to capture Ginny Weasley in her embarrassing situation, Pansy turned around and got onto her knees so she was eye level with Malfoy’s now fully hard six inches. She undid Malfoy’s belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear, and as Malfoy finally acknowledged what she was doing, she took hold of his cock and started to stroke him off. Malfoy closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Pansy rubbing his cock, but all Malfoy was imagining, was Ginny Weasley stroking his cock instead. Malfoy opened his eyes to see that things had changed a little in front of him. Ginny was still moaning like a little whore, but now Dean Thomas was positioned behind her ass, preparing to slam his cock into her tight, virgin ass. Malfoy nearly blew his load as Ginny looked back at Dean and raised her ass up a few inches to better accommodate him. Seamus had stopped thrusting into her to let Dean better position himself at the entrance of her ass. ‘Stick it in my ass!’ screamed and extremely horny Ginny.
Dean needed no encouragement; as he prodded her tiny asshole with the tip of his black cock. He had no intention of taking it easy on Ginny’s untried ass; plunging a total of three inches into her in his first thrust. ‘Ahhhhhh!’ groaned a beleaguered Ginny, feeling Dean slam his cock deep inside her anus. ‘Unggghhh’ screamed Ginny only seconds later, feeling a second rush of juices flow through her and gush over Seamus’s shaft, as his cock remained motionless, deep inside her spasm stricken pussy. While all this was happening, Harry was still having his cock serviced by Ginny, who although having two cocks stuffed into her, still continued to play with Harry’s shaft and balls. Pansy was still pumping away at Malfoy’s cock, getting a few moans of pleasure out of him, just before opening her mouth and sucking on the very tip. She had sucked off Malfoy a few times in the last year, even letting him fuck her whenever he wanted but the situation in front of her, had really turned her on. She gripped the base of his shaft before engulfing half of his cock in a single movement. It took only seconds before she was passionately deep-throating Malfoy, as she continued to fondle his tightening balls. As Pansy sucked him off, Malfoy was still taking pictures; making sure he got some good pictures of Ginny getting triple stuffed, having every single one of her holes filled. Just as he was about to enact the second and most important part of the plan, he felt his own balls tighten, his cock swell, and an orgasm overwhelm him. ‘Unghhhh’ grunted a taxed Malfoy, not even thinking about warning Pansy, who had his entire cock buried down her throat. Malfoy stopped taking pictures as he unleashed a considerable load of his warm cum into Pansy’s slick mouth and throat. Malfoy stared at Ginny and imagined cumming down her throat, as he continued to pump load after load into Pansy’s mouth. Pansy couldn’t help but gag, as her throat was filled and her airway cut off. She pulled off his cock, letting Malfoy spray the last two streams of his warm cum onto her waiting face. Not wanting to disappoint Malfoy, Pansy quickly scooped the excess cum from her face and swallowed it, before pulling up his underwear and pants and getting back to the business at hand.
Malfoy didn’t even acknowledge Pansy’s hard efforts as she turned back around and watched the four members of the orgy switch positions again. Now Ginny was flipped around, with Seamus underneath her and his cock buried to the hilt in her ass, and Harry lying on top of her, struggling to force his entire five inches into her quivering pussy. Dean remained at Ginny’s side, letting her stroke him off while she continued to be double pounded by Seamus and Harry. ‘Time for the second part of the plan!’ said Malfoy excitedly, putting the camera away and lifting the invisibility cloak over both he and Pansy. ‘FIRE!!!!!’ screamed both Malfoy and Pansy at the top of their lungs. Their plan was to alert everyone in Gryffindor House to the exploits of the four orgy members. Ron, with the rest of the students from Gryffindor would run down the stairs as fast as they could, alerted by the screams of fire. It was perfect timing, as Ron and the rest of the house, ran down the stairs. Ginny was moaning louder than ever, and Harry, Seamus and Dean were all beginning to pant. ‘God, Gin… I’m going to cum’ yelled Harry in front of the rest of house, panting loudly, and ready to explode. ‘Me too!’ grunted Seamus, forcing his cock in and out of her ass. ‘Me three!’ groaned Dean, as Ginny stroked him off even faster. ‘What the fuck Harry!’ shouted Ron, with a shocked look on his face. The twins, along with the rest of the house were staring in disbelief as all four orgy members were continuing on as if nobody was watching. Unbeknownst to the rest of Gryffindor House, Malfoy and Pansy were both struggling not to laugh underneath their invisibility cloak. ‘Cum in me… Fill me up Harry! I want it so bad! Fill both my holes with your hot cum!’ screamed Ginny as she felt herself go through an orgasm, coating Harry’s already spasming cock with her own warm juices. ‘UNGHHHHH!’ grunted an extremely turned on Harry, firing what felt like a gallon of his hot sticky cum into Ginny’s extremely receptive pussy. He could feel himself fire off stream after stream of his potent seed, deep into Ginny’s unprotected womb. Harry and Ginny’s cum started leak out of her quivering pussy as Harry exploded the last few strings of his cum into Ginny’s clutching pussy. ‘Fuck!!!!!’ groaned Seamus, feeling Harry and Ginny’s juices run onto his own shaft and balls. He fired his own extremely large load of semen into Ginny’s gaping anus. Seamus too, filled Ginny up quickly, spattering her rectum full with his own hot cum. Ginny was in heaven as she went through her own orgasm and felt both Harry and Seamus fill her holes with a massive amount of cum. Harry got off of Ginny and removed his shaft from her swollen pussy right before Seamus lifted Ginny off of him, letting her fall hard to the homework table. A massive amount of Harry and Seamus’s cum poured out of Ginny’s holes as she continued to stroke off Dean, whose orgasm was rapidly approaching as well. Harry and Seamus’s cum poured out of Ginny and pooled together on the table. Ron, the twins, and the rest of Gryffindor were still in a state of shock as Harry and Seamus watched Dean go through his own orgasm. There were some murmurs in the background however about Ginny’s actions. ‘What a whore… Look at that slut… I never knew… I bet she gets it all the time’ mumbled a number of people, still watching the scene unfold. ‘Unghhhhh!’ grunted Dean, letting Ginny point his spasming cock at her face and stroking him off as fast as she could. Dean unloaded an adult sized load of his own cream onto Ginny’s pretty face, covering most of her face with his cum. Just as Dean fired off his last load of his hot cum into Ginny’s now open mouth; all three boys seemed to come to their senses, bewildered at the situation they were in. The potion’s effects had finally lifted after an hour of filling their sexual needs. Not only were they completely bewildered and confused at where they were; they all realized that they were completely naked. ‘Where am I?’ asked Harry, looking down at his softening cock and noticing everybody staring at him and his other three fuck buddies. Ginny exhausted, simply fell unconscious, with her face plastered with cum and both her holes dripping with semen. Dean and Seamus picked up their clothes and ran upstairs, realizing the position they now found themselves as awkward and embarrassing. As they ran past the group of gawking Gryffindor students, some of them tried patting them on the back and praising them for their amazing work. ‘You’re supposed to be my friend… and look… you’re fucking my sister like she’s some kind of whore!’ shouted Ron at Harry, who was still trying to figure out what had happened. Hermione, who was standing in the background, ran to Ginny, covering her up and trying to clean her up as best she could. Hermione wouldn’t admit it, but she had been really turned on at the sight of her friend Ginny being taken advantage of by three boys including Harry. With the help of Hermione and a few other Gryffindor girls; Ginny was taken upstairs to her room in order to help her recuperate. Harry, unable to explain his actions at the moment, pulled on his clothes in front of everyone, and ran past the gawking crowd and up into his room. Malfoy, still hidden underneath his invisibility cloak with Pansy; couldn’t have planned a better ending to his scheme. Not only was Ron now pissed off at Harry; Ron’s sister may have even gotten pregnant from the encounter. Now everyone knew that the Weasley family was a bunch of sex addicted sickos. Malfoy had enjoyed himself thoroughly and as he crept out of the Gryffindor common room and down the spiral stairs with Pansy under the invisibility cloak; he was already thinking about his next scheme. As Ginny was carried to her bed and placed under her sheets, no one knew that the strange sexual affliction that had taken her over, had not been lifted, and because Ginny had not been completely satisfied, the sexual spell controlling her actions were still, very much, controlling her actions.

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Spectacular costume play of Luna Lovegood… with not so much of a costume however

Xxx Harry Potter

Hentai Picture: Spectacular costume play of Luna Lovegood… with not so much of a costume however
Be prepared to reveal the most piquant peculiarities of the characters you’ve known for ages, watch them entwined in sinful pleasures in high-def artful sex scenes… Wet Luna Lovegood dreams to get her pussy filled without stopping and suck every drop of cum out of these cocks… Some of those Harry Potter heroes that just can’t hold an overwhelming will to fuck for another second and get into wild hardcore fucking adventures.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the MILFS 3

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the MILFS 3

Narcissa Malfoy & Lily Potter

Narcissa awoke naked strapped to a bed by her wrists and ankles. She had no idea how she ended up like this since the last thing she remembered was she was in Diagon Alley doing some shopping.

“So you’re awake?”

Narcissa turned her head and found a redhead that looked really familiar. It took her a moment to realize that was Lily Potter standing in front of her. What was going on, and why was this Mudblood here?

Lily waved her wand and a silver doe appeared and then went through the closed door.

“What is going here Potter, where am I, why am I tied up?” Narcissa asked with a cool tone.

“Patience Narcissa, everything will become clear” Lily said with a smug tone.

Soon the door opened and in walked Lily’s eldest son, Harry. He looked just like his father, who had died a couple of years ago during a raid.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the gryfindors

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the gryfindors

 Parvati Patil & Hermione Granger & Lavender Brown

Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were in their shared dorm waiting for their dorm mate Hermione Granger. The bushy haired girl told them she had a surprise for them and told them to wait in their dorm. It was close to eleven in the evening. They didn’t care about how late it was since a Friday. They had no classes tomorrow. What bothered them was that Hermione was sure taking her sweet time to bring whatever surprise she had. Soon the door opened and Hermione poked her head in.

“Good, you’re still here” she said.

“Where else would we be?” Lavender asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

Hermione ignored this question and came in and then closed the door behind her.

“Where is this surprise Hermione?” Parvati asked impatiently.

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Hermione Jean Granger and Ginny Weasley are trussed an well-prepped for Restrain Restrain restrain bondage & discipline drilling

Kinkey Harry Potter Sex Stories

Hentai Picture: Hermione Jean Granger and Ginny Weasley are trussed an well-prepped for Restrain Restrain restrain bondage & discipline drilling
Ginny Weasley looks all prim and proper, but she gets screwed and takes an internal cumshot like some free ride. See the sex pastimes brought to you by Harry Potter! Let’s get inspired by a nympho from Harry Potter that is getting banged on the pavement after making purchases a few seconds away…

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Hermione Jean Granger want rock-hard bang-out in both crevices

Harry Potter Porn Mobile

Hentai Picture: Hermione Jean Granger want rock-hard bang-out in both crevices
Harry Potter characters have nothing better to do than doing it anew with new series of dirty porn that cannot have enough of raw sex and for their fuzzy dreams… Sexually eager Hermione Jean Granger sucking off a cock like she was born to do it and getting fucked in the ass with no mercy… Slutty chick of Harry Potter is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action in her entire lifetime…

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Only magical dicks can satisfy Hermione!

Harry Potter Porn Free

Hentai Picture: Only magical dicks can satisfy Hermione!
Brown Hermione Jean Granger has tallowed herself and drives her cunt hooks one after another into her abstruse cylinder… Those Harry Potter whores are anxious for some hot sex – they gets shagged on the spot and accept monstrous dicks in their sexually eager vaginas… Blonde Harry Potter whore with killer body gets drilled by four hot rods and gets her tits washed with cum.

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See how nude Hermione Jean Granger standing on her knees while making another one blowjob…

Harry Potter Cartoon Rude

Extravagant Harry Potter frames are at stock for you to drool over!! I’ve often craved to enjoy seeing the Harry Potter sex sluts who are ever hungry for cocks more than anything else ;) Hermione Jean Granger Gabbing and licking is the way each action to start, one can never foresee what it will come down to! and ;)

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