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Harry Potter Porno Story: harry potter & 3 chicks

Harry Potter Porno Story: harry potter & 3 chicks

Harry Fucks Luna

Note: This is after Harry comes back into Hogwarts through Aberforth’s Bar and into the Room of Requirement.

“Get under here,” Harry told Luna, pulling out the Invisibility Cloak and throwing it over both of them.
It melted away at his touch and they slipped outside. Harry glanced back and saw that it had resealed itself at once. They were standing in a dark corridor. Harry pulled Luna back into the shadows, fumbled in the pouch around his neck, and took out the Marauder’s Map. Holding it close to his nose he searched, and located his and Luna’s dots at last.
 “We’re up on the fifth floor,” he whispered, watching filch moving away from them, a corridor ahead. “Come on, this way.”
 They crept off.
“Yes, this is good,” Harry said while looking down at Luna’s dirty blonde hair.
“What do you mean?—I thought we were heading towards the statue of Ravenclaw” Said Luna confused as to what was going on.
“Well I have to admit I’ve had a crush on you for some time now. I’ve always found you very attracting.” Harry said quite uneasily.
“Wow really? Do you really mean that? What about Ginny and Neville?” Luna Said with a sound of wanting in her voice.
And at that moment Harry reached through Luna’s robes and into her panties to reach her wet pussy.
“You don’t seem to really care about Neville or Ginny Luna.” As a matter of fact, I think you want this as much as I do. Harry said with confidence in his voice.
“Wait no, I don’t think–” and Harry kissed her and she kissed him back. He put two fingers into her pussy and she jolted with a mixture of pain and pleasure.
“Well you’re not a virgin but you’re still pretty tight, could it be Neville’s package is not very big?” Harry said with a chuckle.
“Well, I’ve only done it in there once; I actually prefer it in my ass…” Luna said with an ounce of embarrassment in her voice and Harry’s chuckle didn’t help much. “Don’t laugh at me!”
“Well, it’s just that, we’ll you’ve always been so strange but if that’s how you like it then no problem.” Said Harry and while under the Invisibility cloak he laid Luna on her belly on the floor. He pulled her panties off and put his trousers down to show his seven inch cock at which Luna gave a quiet shriek of fear as he put his head at the rim of her ass. “Not too rough Harry” Luna said with fear in her voice. Harry didn’t speak a word and pushed his head in and she jumped.
“Wait…it hurts, let me put some spit there” Luna said as she licked her fingers and rubbed and fingered her ass as to loosen it a bit and gave Harry a quick suck to lube it up.
 “Ok, here goes” And Harry put the tip of his head in as she winced with a bit of pain and then he shoved a bit in and she let out a yelp. He was half in and the tightness was great.
She was biting part of the cloak with winced eyes as he had put the first half in and now as he grabbed her shoulders to push the other half in she gave out a rough grunt of pain and he was all the way in. She was breathing heavily and he start to pull out and then in. She was tight but the spit helped and he was able to thrust hard each time until before he knew it he was getting ready to come. He kept going until he was about to blow and he debated about whether to come inside or quickly turn her around in put it in her mouth.
“Don’t stop, keep going” She screamed and he kept thrusting. He came inside her and his cum helped as it acted as more lube. He kept going in and out of her until she finally too came in a long and loud moan. She wailed loudly and gave a cry of pleasure as he continued to thrust.  The pleasure was so good for Harry that it hurt a little and Luna seemed to be enjoying it too as she was still coming. Then Harry was done. He let of Luna and without a word she started sucking his cock.
“Are you sure you want to that?” Harry asked Luna. She gave a simple nod and continued to lick clean Harry cock. She took it all the way done her throat and Harry felt himself come again right then her throat. To his surprise as he came in her mouth she was swallowing it. She was even swallowing his cock for he felt his cock being sucked down her throat.
“Wow, you definitely fill your name Luna Lovegood. Harry said and she giggled with his cock down her throat.
“That was great Luna but we’ll have to keep this from Ginny and from Neville. Our secret, okay?” Harry said in an almost pleading tone.
“Sure Harry, it’s the least I can do, that was the first time I ever came, it was great actually. I think we should do it again.” Luna said with an I-want-to-fuck-again tone. “But don’t be so rough next time; I’m having a hard time walking.”  Luna said as she almost fell sideways into the wall.
“But the roughness was what made it so fun.” Harry said as he and Luna walked towards the Ravenclaw Common Room under the cloak.

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Luna Lovegood has growed up into one elegant bi-atch!

Harry Potter Hentai Comic

Hentai Picture: Luna Lovegood has growed up into one elegant bi-atch!
By the way,by the bye, it is not a Harry Potter love-making I can see in this picture? Crazy girl from Harry Potter is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of her whole life. Have you ever conceived of spying on Luna Lovegood’s almost naked image where she strokes her tight virgin pussy?

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Wicked

Harry Potter Porn Story: Wicked

“Wicked? You?” Harry said, chuckling.

 “What? You think I can’t be?” Hermione said, walking steadily toward him. She walked him right into a corner. He looked nervous now, as she pressed the entire length of her body against his. “Just because it’s a side of me I’ve never showed you doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist,” she whispered, running a hand down his chest and down to the crotch of his jeans, where she could feel the hardening bulge of his erection. A strangled sound came from deep within his throat as her hand grazed over it. She smirked.

 Feeling indeed very wicked, she ran her hand back up to his chest, beneath his shirt this time. She felt his abdominal muscles flutter beneath her fingers as she pressed her hips into his. He had his eyes closed and his head had fallen back to rest against the wall. Hermione licked her lips and then, lightly, brought them to his exposed neck. Harry let out a guttural sound of pleasure; it sent a thrill of power through her. She wanted to drive him completely mad.

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In Hogwarts you can fuck even a ghost!

Hermione Harry Potter Porn

Hentai Picture: In Hogwarts you can fuck even a ghost!
Venture to the dimension of Harry Potter adult art where the most explicit banging scenes can be found… Sexy queer chick outfitted for a fucking sucks dick, gets fucked and drinks jizz after it’s shot… Harry Potter hookers are the best cock connoisseurs around at slamming their pussies down on powerful cocks, bringing both them and themselves the wet and electrifying climaxes.

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Hermione is ready for a magic night

Harry Potter Girl Naked

Hentai Picture: Hermione is ready for a magic night
Harry Potter characters screwing their little grey cells in the most unglued bottom’s ups, universal renowned prude belle dousing the duds and being whanged in chocolate eye… Lecherous Harry Potter girl dreams for this awesome black tool squeezed into her firm anus, and then polish it with her mouth till it shoots tons of cum into her mouth and on her face… Oh, this huge manly tool is able to invoke gasps of heaven delight of the ardent teen as it trashes her secret and comfortable cave!

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Harry and Hermione wellcoming new friend

Fake Emma Watson Porn Pics

Hentai Picture: Harry and Hermione wellcoming new friend
Get a sight at how voluminous Harry Potter broads got herby in marks, rheums, smeg and are dragged in any possible way of dissolute Saturnalias. Cute voluptuous girl losing her clothes, toying with her large tits, flapping her pussy lips and cramming her cunt full of a huge dildo. Have you gone bored with A-list Harry Potter Odysseys that always catch your breath and induce your sex-starved cock get unleashed?

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Harry Potter Pornography Story: Love in the closet

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Love in the closet

harry was sweating in potions he had never been worked so hard in his life snape was being twice as evil after harry beat slythrian in the quidditch final by 200 pionts hermione looked across the table ‘harry are u alright u look a bit hot’ as she said this harry caught i glance of i wink or was it his immagination he deside to leave it and carry on with what he was doing after the lesson hermione caught up with harry and told him to folo her she lead him to i old broom closet once in hermoine pushed harry to the wall and start kissing him harry was so shocked but he acted back by kissing back but before he knew it hermoine had her hands down his pants and moving towards the front next thing harry knew was bang hermoine had hit him with i speel he didnt knoe wat she used i silent speel but harry fell unconsious he woke up about 1hour l8r to find hermoine rinding his cock moaning harry i alays wanted this harry counldt hold he he let out i moan as he blasted him cum in here 9 months had past since that moment of heaven and know here was harry holding his new son james hermoine was laying in the bed next to him looking faint but happy HARRY WAS I FATHER

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Spell book 39

Harry Potter Porn Story: Spell book 39

Fred and George Weasley had not studied once for the final year sixth year exams. Since starting their adult line of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the twins had been too cooped up with making potions, having sex and earning loads of gold. Their latest financial windfall was the Girls of Hogwarts School Calendar, in which they had already sunk several hundred Galleons on seducing the prettiest of the prettiest into taking off their clothes, prancing around naked, fucking them and letting go any inhibition they once had regarding sex. Fleur Delacour, Hermione Granger and even their own sister had been the twins’ latest conquests, succumbing to blackmail, bribes and a desire to be the biggest slut possible. Months of planning and pockets full of gold had all led up to the final stages of the calendar; all they needed was one more prime candidate and they knew exactly who they wanted.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: The Broom Closet

Harry Potter Porn Story: The Broom Closet

“Come on, come on! This way!” Harry shouted as he pulled Hermione behind him by the wrist.

The two stormed down the school’s corridors laughing and checking over their shoulders every now and then to make sure Snape wasn’t too close behind.

“In here!” Hermione said as she randomly opened an unlocked door.

Harry and Hermione ran inside, trying to control their laughter and excitement. They were in serious trouble, but couldn’t help have fun in spite of the situation. The look on Snape’s face when Harry and Hermione had simultaneously stupefied him just before he was about to hex Harry was timeless. Snape got what he deserved, all Harry and Hermione had to do now was try and escape the consequences of their actions.

What they soon discovered, however, was that they had walked right into a trap. The door they had gone through belonged to a fully enclosed and uncomfortably tiny broom closet. Immediately behind Harry was a solid stone wall. Behind Hermione was a stack of wooden crates that jutted painfully into her lower back. To their one side were, of course, half a dozen brooms and mops propped up against the wall. Finally, to their other side was the door. It was so small that they had little choice but to stand inches from each other face to face.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: One OF ginny part Two

Harry Potter Porn Story: One OF ginny part Two

Luna don’t trte itself around, because it did pass to her often that one fucked them simply in such a way, however, never before dursch the arse.


And she liked it very much. As Harry’s cock in her exploded and the white soup flowed from her ass, she did not look who it was, but went back to their badroom.


When he came back with quite a soft thing to Ginny plunges direct dialing to him and gave him a big blowjob,der so gut war, das Harry’s penis direckt wieder hart wurde und so verwöhnte er nun Ginny’s Fotze.

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