Harry Potter Pornography Story: In The Shower

Harry Potter Pornography Story: In The Shower

Angrily stomped the Hogwarts Potions Master in his obligatory black robe, the big stairs.
Could such a thing ever be possible? Why only this winter was so bewitched cold? So cold that froze out the Schulsprecherbad any other washing facilities, including its own.Dumbledore had then created a plan so that all students and teachers were able to wash themselves. That this was among the many residents Hogwarts a logistical masterpiece, he knew, but twice a week was too little. He was sweating now in brewing lot so he did not want to wait until tomorrow to bathe. Especially since Draco had not determined the other hand, if he used the tub with him, since he was his godson.

He knocked briefly on the bathroom door and then entered without waiting for an invitation. Thick water vapor plumes wabberten through space.

“Draco? I’m Uncle Severus. Do you mind if I quickly take a bath? “He asked in the direction of the tub.

Slowly he undressed down to his underpants and stood at the edge of the pool. With one hand he tried his godson seem to have appeared to find under all that foam. Since when did Draco, however, Wild Rose fragrance into his bath water was a mystery. At last he touched a shoulder. The tub users soared.

Professor Snape froze.

Before him stood up to the thighs in the water and otherwise completely naked Ginny Weasley.
Swallowing hard he tried to look on her face leave. Water and foam crowns her head rolled off, the red hair clung wet to the head and neck. Her beautiful big brown eyes widened slightly and looked back in horror. His breathing was shallow and slow-moving.

“They are not Draco,” he finally brought his lips.

, Class Severus, which was the most intelligent of the sentence you can say to have done. I’m at the end still related to Longbottem? “

“I know it themselves,” said Ginny not less intelligent.

What the search here? It is my time to go swimming. And why he has only a pair of underpants on? “

His gaze slid down her neck to her shoulders and then remained attached to her breasts.

, So I have not seen for a long time. They are so tight, so perfect, so inviting. So … wow. “

“I wanted to swim with Draco,” he tried to explain away thoughtfully.

“You can in their spare time to do what they please.”

Snape is not a gay before. Especially since he just rather obvious staring at my breasts. “

‘Now they probably think I was gay. Does she in fact I would seduce guys in the bathroom? “

“What do you think of me? I just wanted to use the bathroom in time in which my godson is in here. I am NOT gay, “he ranted applied.

Meanwhile, his look was more in it slipped down. Above the flat belly until between her bare legs where the hair glistened wet. This had its effect on him. His pants bulged out now abundantly clear.

“I can see straight. At least you are also interested in feminine charms, “she found amusing, looking pointedly at his pants.

For some reason they found it, not even particularly unpleasant that she stood naked before her potions master. Perhaps because his bump now more resembled a tent and it was pretty red. Ginny was sure that it had nothing to do with the steam. This sudden weakness of his hand, she attracted.

“Where do you look to?” He rebelled.

, Can this be true? I hardly see a naked woman’s body responds my body like that of a pubescent teenager. I will never again be able to see her in the eye without blushing.She will tell her friends and everyone will laugh at me. Gets me the perverse old curmudgeon of a latte, when he sees young girls. “

“What? Me staring at her breasts and in the step. Moreover, one could overlook her excitement only if you would close your eyes, “she countered.

, So I would not even introduced him to me. His skin is so pale that it looks almost white.Darker scars run like a pattern across his body. He is very lean, somewhat scrawny and he has a very small paunch. Not fat or even disgusting but yet visible. How safe dressed and visibly excited, he is far from threatening or even frightening. More attractive … Ginny Pooh! “

She shook her head to drive away the thoughts. As if hypnotized Snape rose to her in the tub.

“Is it so bad, what you see?” He gasped, “I like that is extremely good at what I see.”

Whether the hot steam or this pervasive smell of roses was exposing his brain activity, he did not know, but he was clearly not quite all. Carefully, he approached her, Ginny’s heart rate was faster. If its close or leave the warm water was responsible, they did not know, but her nipples hardened. Tenderly touched her cheek Snape, both breathed now trembling.

“Oh Ginny,” he sighed as he kissed her neck.

The young witch had to hold on to his shoulders as her knees took on the consistency of jelly. He wrapped his arms around her decisive halt.

“Ginny Weasley, they hasten to please. In ten minutes I’ll be back and will then take my bath, “Professor McGonagall’s voice pierced through the door.

Snape opened his eyes, as if he would be awakened from a trance.

“Do excuse me … sorry … please … please Miss Weasley,” he stammered and hurried out of the tub.

As soon Ginny had never seen someone put a Wizard Robe. Carefully avoided the Potions Master, another look at the young, red-haired witch to throw. He hastily left the room, leaving a completely confused and somewhat frustrated Ginny back. This sank again in full and got him some water then turn out of the tub, dried off and dressed. Just as they had finished, there was a knock at the door.

Whether he …? “

“Miss Weasley, can I come in?” Came Minerva McGonagall’s voice.

“Are you Professor, I’m ready,” Ginny replied, somewhat disappointed.

She quickly dried her hair even while the older witch took off her bathing equipment.

“Oh, wild rose scent that I like and prefer,” the professor talked.

“Yes, that is neither too dry nor too sweet. Have fun in the tub Professor, “Ginny wanted and left the room.

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