Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry and the chasers

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry and the chasers

Alicia Spinnet & Angelina Johnson & Katie Bell

Harry heard the three girls giggle, which made him shiver in fear. They told him that they had a special surprise for him. It was just after they won the Quidditch Cup and he was standing in the middle of the Room of Requirement with a blindfold on.

“What’s are you girls up to?” Harry asked.

“Nothing that should worry you Harry dear” Alicia said sweetly.

“Yeah, you’re our favorite Seeker, we wouldn’t want any harm done to you” Katie said giggling.

Angelina was quiet, which scared him even more. For if his captain was quiet that meant something serious was about to happen.

He felt the blindfold being removed and found himself looking at three of the hottest girls in Gryffindor posing for him.

Katie Bell was wearing a naughty schoolgirl outfit, which was just her normal school uniform sans the robe, but with some interesting adjustments. For instance her blouse was three sizes too small, which made her B-cup breasts strain against the fabric. Harry could see that Katie wasn’t wearing a bra either, which made her nipples poke through the fabric. Katie’s skirt was so short that Harry could see her hairless cunt with just the gentlest of movements.

Alicia Spinnet was wearing a slutty nurse’s outfit. It only went down to the end of her butt and if she were to bend over you’d see her ass and cunt clearly. As for her top you could she that she had the first few buttons undone and her C-cup breasts were squeezed together making some nice cleavage. Not only that, but it seemed that the top was a tight fit on her since the buttons that were used looked ready to pop and that Harry could see every curve Alicia had.

And last, but not least was Angelina Johnson, who was wearing what looked like an outfit their head of house would wear except for a few things. Angelina’s D-cup breasts looked ready to burst through her robe she was wearing. She had her hair in a severe bun like their head of house would wear and a pair of rectangular glasses that rested on her nose. The robe was short, which showed a lot of Angelina’s muscular legs and only stopped just short of the apex of her legs. Unlike her two teammates, she even was wearing a look that would make their head of house proud of.

Harry’s jaw was gaping at the sight.

“What’s the wrong Harry?” Katie asked coyly as she twirled a lock of hair around her finger.

“This has to be a dream” Harry murmured.

“No dream Harry, we’ve been planning this for quite a while” Alicia said.

“Planning?” Harry questioned.

“Yes, planning Mr Potter. We all wanted you, but needed a reason to seduce you. First year, you were too young and you were in the hospital wing during what was last game. Second year, Quidditch was canceled and you were still too young. Third year, you had too much on your mind so we decided to hold off even if it was the right time to strike. Fourth year, you were in the tournament and you were always with Hermione to ever get close to. But this year we were ready and nothing was going to stop us to get us a piece of you” Angelina said in character.

Harry gulped, he knew that a lot of girls wanted him. Heck, he was the Boy-Who-Lived and now Chosen One, but these were girls he knew and that made it different since they knew him too. But he was still quite scared since he had never been in this kind of situation though his body knew how to react with three sexy girls in front of him.

“I see he’s up for some celebration” Alicia said giggling.

Harry’s face turned red and he tried to hide his erection.

“Come on Harry, don’t be shy” Katie said smiling.

Angelina was the one to take charge and walked to Harry and knelt down. She unbuckled Harry’s pants and pulled them down followed by his boxers, which were green with snitches flying across them.

“Oh my, who knew little Harry was so big” Katie said in awe.

“Mmmm” Alicia said drooling a bit.

Harry gulped as his eight-inch cock, which was quite thick was exposed to the girls.

“Ladies, I think we’ll have quite a night tonight” Angelina said as she smiled for the first time tonight.

The two other girls gave out a squeal of delight.

Soon things were moving fast and Harry had barely anytime to know what was happening. Angelina took off Harry’s shirt then proceeded to snog him. Harry was stunned at first, but soon kissed back. This was his second kiss, his first was Cho and he wouldn’t really classify that as a kiss. He and Angelina kissed for a while when he froze as he felt Angelina stroking his cock.

“Relax Mr Potter, we know what we’re doing” Angelina said huskily.

Harry just nodded unable to really say a thing at all.

Soon Alicia and Katie joined in. Angelina moved down with Alicia taking her place kissing Harry. Angelina got on her knees so she had a better look at the man meat. She smiled and started licking the head. Making Harry jump slightly at the contact.

“It’s alright Harry, you’ll enjoy this” Katie whispered into Harry’s ear.

Harry just groaned as Angelina engulfed his cock with her mouth. She then started bobbing up and down. Harry gritted his teeth as he tried to stave off his release. Alicia finished kissing Harry and Katie jumped in. Alicia got down on her knees and nudged Angelina out of the way.

“Quit hogging our toy” Alicia said in a playful whining tone.

Angelina sighed and released Harry’s member, which Alicia took over. Katie finished kissing Harry and pulled back smiling seductively. She then stood back and slowly stripped of her outfit. Harry was mesmerized as more skin was revealed. Never had he seen a girl naked. Angelina followed suit and stripped out of her clothes making sure Harry had his eyes on her. Alicia took Harry’s cock out of her mouth and followed her friends’ actions. Soon the three girls were completely naked as Harry was.

“Come Harry, time for the main event” Katie said seductively.

Alicia took Harry’s hand and pulled Harry to the big bed that the room provided. She pushed him down and straddled him.

“Is this your first time?” Angelina asked.

Harry nodded while blushing slightly in embarrassment.

“It’s alright Harry, we’ll take good care of you” Katie said soothingly.

Alicia then raised her hips as Angelina held Harry’s cock still. Alicia lowered herself and as she engulfed Harry cock into her wet cunt she moaned. Once she had him in to the hilt she began to rock herself back and forth as she rose up and down. Katie smiled and looked Angelina. The two did rock, paper, and scissors with Katie winning. She then climbed onto the bed and straddled Harry’s head. Harry was confused at what was going on even though he heard things in the boy’s dorms.

“Lick me Harry” Katie said.

With Angelina instructing him, Harry licked Katie out. As his tongue touched Katie’s wet center he heard her moan. This freaked him out and was going to stop when Angelina told him that it was alright. So Harry got back to exploring Katie’s dripping wet orifice.

Alicia was having a grand time bouncing up and down on Harry’s cock. She had a few guys before, but Harry was different. He was bigger than the other guys not to mention thicker. She only hoped that Harry would hold on so she could enjoy herself a while longer. Sadly Harry hadn’t developed that kind of control and came. Alicia pouted at this, but knew that this would happen. She got off with a sigh.

“How was he?” Angelina asked.

“Very good, he stretched me in ways I never thought I’d stretch” Alicia said smiling happily, “though he doesn’t have the control yet,” she added with a small frown.

Angelina nodded.

Katie was moaning and groaned as she grounded her mound on Harry’s face. She loved Harry’s tongue in her.

Harry liked the taste of Katie and wondered if Angelina and Alicia would taste this good. He then began trying something new. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He imagined that he was talking to a snake. This got Katie to moan loudly, which got Angelina and Alicia’s attention.

“Merlin Katie, what’s he doing to you?” Alicia asked.

“I don’t know, but his tongue is doing things I never thought was possible” Katie said moaning loudly.

Soon Katie came with a scream. She would’ve collapsed and suffocated Harry if it wasn’t for the other two girls catching her.

“I think you killed her Harry” Angelina said.

Harry was panting since Katie had her cunt pressed against his face making it hard to breath.

“I think we should clean Harry up” Alicia suggested with a smile.

Angelina smiled and nodded.

The two girls crawled up the bed and began licking off all of Katie’s juices from Harry’s face. Once he was clean of juices both girls kissed him. Harry had started to gain confidence and he moved his hands so they were caressing both girls’ breasts. He was amazed how warm and soft they were. In his hands he weighed both of them and found that since Angelina’s were bigger and they were heavier than Alicia’s, though both sets were quite lovely indeed.

“Mmmm, that’s right Harry, play with our breasts. They are all yours for tonight” Alicia whispered into Harry’s ear.

Harry felt more confident and continued his exploration. Angelina saw that Harry’s cock was once again standing at attention and she moved over so she was lying on top of him. Alicia saw this and helped positioned Harry’s cock into Angelina’s entrance. Angelina felt Harry’s cock slide into her and she moaned in satisfaction. She then began rocking back and forth making her breasts sway. Harry grabbed them and began to knead them. He found out that if he played with Angelina’s nipples that made her moan louder. So he paid extra attention to them.

Angelina always knew that her nipples were very sensitive and the fact that Harry was playing with them made her wetter than ever.

Alicia smiled as she checked on Katie. She found her friend just coming around.

“How are you feeling?” Alicia asked.

“Like I just died and gone to heaven” Katie responded.

Alicia smiled.

Katie though decided to see how Harry tasted. She tackled her friend and began licking her pussy. Alicia squirmed from underneath Katie. It didn’t take long for Alicia to come since Katie knew just what she liked.

Alicia was panting and it took her a few minutes to regain her breath as Katie tried to get all of Alicia’s juices as well as Harry’s seed that was inside her friend.

“So what did he do to you to get you to come so hard?” Alicia asked as she sat up.

Katie’s eyes glazed over as she remembered, which made Alicia slap her friend hard in the arm.

“Why’d you do that?” Katie asked rubbing her arm.

“You were in lala land” Alicia said.

“Right, sorry” Katie said blushing slightly.

Alicia then asked her question again and this time got a response.

“I think he’s found a better way to use Parseltongue” Katie said.

Alicia’s eyes widen.

“I’ve to get me some of that” she said and jumped up.

Alicia straddled Harry’s face. Harry knew what Alicia wanted and was quite happy to oblige. Alicia moaned loudly as Harry’s talented tongue went to work. She never had felt this feeling before. She worked her hips to get more out of it.

Angelina was still working and was pleased that Harry was lasting longer than he had with Alicia. She then worked her cunt muscles and squeezed Harry’s cock. She wanted to work him some so he would have the best come he’s ever had. When she felt Harry’s cock throb she knew he was close. She too was close since Harry manipulating her nipples was working her up. They came at the same time. Angelina was panting, but sadly Harry couldn’t with Alicia on top of him.

“Damn he’s good” Angelina said wiping the sweat from her brow.

Katie just smiled.

Alicia collapsed when she came just like Katie did the two girls had to be help her off.

“Damn, that was the hardest I’ve ever came” Alicia said panting heavily.

Angelina and Katie licked Alicia’s juices off Harry face.

“This has been wonderful” Harry said speaking for the first in a while.

“It ain’t over yet” Katie said smiling.

“I don’t think I can go another around” Harry said.

“We have ways to help with that” Angelina said.

With that she walked over to a cabinet that appeared and she opened it. Inside were vials. She took several out and put them on a tray. She came back and handed Harry one.

“What’s this for?” Harry asked.

“It’s a stamina potion Harry, it will keep you up for a while” Angelina said.

Harry smiled and gulped it down then made a look of disgust.

“I know, disgusting, but it’s working” Angelina said.

Harry’s cock was standing at attention again, ready for more. Katie jumped on Harry and sank her wet pussy into Harry’s cock. She then rolled over so Harry was on top.

“Come on Harry, show me what you got” Katie said with a grin.

Harry nodded and then began pumping in and out. Katie squealed in delight and moved her hips to match Harry’s strokes. It wasn’t long for both to come.

“Rest a bit Harry, we have all night” Alicia said.

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